Solenoid Valve Test Stands

Emprise Corporation offers custom test stand solutions for automated solenoid valve testing. Each test stand is designed around your specific test requirements. Leaks are detected by pressure decay method or mass flow sensors. Both external and internal leaks are detected and quantified. Automatic part loading, unloading and pass/fail sorting increases throughput and reduces operator error. Interchangeable valve adapters permit multiple valve models to be tested on a single machine. PLC controlled with graphical color touch screen operator interface for easy operation and operator training.

Test data logging, network interface, bar code scanning and part marking are some of the options available. Engineered for high reliability with low maintenance over many years of operation. Safety features include light curtain guards, dual hand switches, pressure relief valves and explosion shields.

Emprise provides complete turn-key test stand solutions including installation, setup and on-site operator training. One-year warranty with on-site service is included with each system. Refer to our standard terms for details.

  • Proof Pressure Test
  • Seat Leak Test
  • Reverse Seat Leak Test
  • Coil Resistance or Impedance Test
  • High Frequency Cycling
  • Coil Dielectric Test
  • Coil Current Test
  • Port Flow Test
  • Self-Test
  • Automatic Calibration Capability