Aircraft Actuator Test Stands

Emprise Actuator Test Stands are designed to test aircraft actuators such as flap actuators and cargo door openers. Three power sources drive the actuators in various directions, and the stands come equipped with instrumentation to measure actuator speed, load, current, and voltage. The stand below is designed with dual testing stations that allow increased accuracy over a wider testing range. One side is high speed (up to 4,000 rpm) and the other side is high torque (up to 5,000 in-lb). Emprise custom designs each test stand to meet our client's specific testing needs.


Common Tests Include:

  • Coast down or run down test
  • Stall load test
  • Breakaway voltage test
  • Direction of rotation test
  • No load test
  • Brake release test
  • Rated load at rated voltage test
  • Rated load at reduced voltage test
  • Motor current test
  • Clutch current test
  • Clutch slip range test
  • Decoupling torque test
  • Decoupling time test

Accommodates Actuators From:

  • AlliedSignal
  • EEMCO Division of Datron Systems, Inc.
  • CONDUCTRON Electro-Mechanical Div.
  • GEC (UK) Aerospace, Inc.
  • Vickers Electromechanical Division
  • Lear Siegler, Inc. Power Equipment Div.
  • Plessy Dynamics Corporation
  • Breeze Corporations, Inc.
  • BF Goodrich Aerospace
  • Precision Motion Controls, Inc