Portable Turbogenerator Test Stands

Honeywell Turbocharging Systems | Torrance, CA | 2001 Engineering Excellence State Award

The Problem

Honeywell Turbocharging Systems recently completed development of a new 75 KW turbogenerator. Prior to shipping, Honeywell wanted to test each unit for quality and performance in a fully automated production test cell. This means fast and efficient test preparation.

In addition, Honeywell wanted to troubleshoot problem turbogenerators and conduct research and development in the same production test cell. Because this is a production environment, all requirements had to be met in one very flexible test cell that occupied a minimum floor space and could be easily relocated as the production line changed.

The Solution

The Emprise solution achieves all of the client's goals while occupying a small, 12' by 12' section of floor space. Each turbogenerator is prepared for testing in less than seven minutes and is tested while still mounted on the assembly cart. A fully automated test sequence can be run or the test unit can be completely controlled manually. All instruments are research quality, yielding excellent data accuracy and reliability.

The Results

The Emprise portable turbogenerator test cell provides Honeywell with the speed, accuracy, and space efficiency they required. Each new turbogenerator can be fully tested on the production floor for quality or research/development in a quiet, flexible and cost effective test cell.