Wind Turbine Coupling Test Stand

Emprise offers a complete, turn-key test stand for static load testing of large wind turbine drive shafts, couplings, overrunning clutches and torque limiters. The system performs bi-directional static load, life cycle fatigue and proof load testing without the need for a high-power drive and absorption system. The test article is loaded with a hydraulic rack-and-pinion oscillator. The load is resolved to ground through a static torque sensor. Built on a t-slotted base the design provides good flexibility for variety of test setups.

The modular design allows Emprise to customize the system to your specific testing needs.



  • Mounted on 5 ft x 15 ft cast iron baseplate
  • Driver is 180 degree turn rack-and-pinion rotary actuator, powered from off-board hydraulic power unit
  • Tests couplings up to 63 inches long
  • 3000 psi hydraulic power unit with 80 gallon reservoir, dry cooler, pressure side 10-micron filter
  • Fast response proportional, directional, hydraulic control valve
  • Overrunning, indexing clutch for slip coupling tests, lock-out rotor for non-slip testing
  • Lubrication-free, Rulon coated machine slides for test coupling length take-up to 63 inches
  • Lateral offset adjustment for induced misalignment testing
  • Instrumentation includes:
    • 750K in-lb rotating-style torque sensor with wireless data transmission and 0.1% FS measurement accuracy
    • Rotary shaft speed encoder
    • Two inclinometers Test coupling thermocouple
    • Cylinder travel proximity switches for the hydraulic rotary actuator
    • Health monitoring instruments for the hydraulic power unit
  • National Instruments Labview® data acquisition and control system

Performance specifications

  • 71 kN-m maximum test torque can be applied in either direction for non-slip couplings, single direction for slip couplings
  • FEA-verified low deflection design Motion control allows slip rates up to 20⁰/sec