Air Separation Module Test Stands

Air Separation Modules (ASMs) are used in both military and commercial aircraft for producing fuel tank inerting gas (nitrogen) and oxygen for crew and passenger breathing air. The ASM uses hollow fiber membrane technology to separate the engine bleed air into nitrogen and oxygen rich gases. The nitrogen is used for fuel tank inerting to reduce the risk of explosion from ballistic attack, lighting strikes or electrical static discharge. Emprise ASM Test Stands have been used for qualification and post production and overhaul support of numerous aircraft programs including the C-17, B787, B737, KC-46, and Mitsubishi Regional Jet aircraft.

At 3:35-3:40 you can see our Air Separation Module Test Stand

Emprise designs and builds turn-key systems for testing and evaluating Air Separation Module performance. Our test stands are used for both qualification and production acceptance (ATP) testing. The ASM Test Stand consists of a portable test enclosure with process piping systems and instrumentation mounted to the exterior for easy maintenance accessibility. A control console rack with personal computer serves as the operator interface. A single Ethernet cable connects the two items allowing for a simple and flexible test stand set-up. A custom LabVIEW application runs fully automated test sequences as prescribed in the customer’s test procedure. The test stand precisely controls the inlet air stream to simulate bleed air conditions while monitoring the outlet gas streams for flow, pressure, temperature and oxygen content.