Boeing 767 Trailing Edge Flap Drive Test Stand

This trailing edge flap drive is a rotary actuator with planetary gearbox and an integral torque limiter.

The test stand uses a VSD electric motor to drive the actuator while a hydraulically actuated rack and pinion oscillator provides dynamic loading and no-back torque drive. Input torque is measured by an inline rotary torque sensor. Output torque is measured by a hollow reaction torque sensor.

All data such as torque, speed, lockup torque and mechanical efficiency are automatically recorded by the Opto 22 data system. A PC workstation provides the GUI.

Test procedure may be run automatically or may be done individually in semi-automatic mode. Test reports are generated automatically or on demand and feature pass/fail notification.

Aircraft applications

Boeing B767-600/700/800 applications

Part numbers: CMM:
256T3250-2 27-51-10
256T3250-4 27-51-10
256T3210-2 27-51-08e
256T3210-4 27-51-08