Anemometer Applications


In today’s world of competitive motorsports teams are searching to gain the tiniest advantages over the competition.  One way engineers are finding an advantage is by reducing aerodynamic drag through optimization of cooling air flow.  This involves making the most efficient use of the air that is taken on board the vehicle for cooling the engine and drivetrain.  Emprise anemometers allow engineers to quantify the air taken on board and to see very minute changes in flow and how it’s distributed across the heat exchanger.  Anemometers can be used to measure air flow to radiators, intercoolers, oil coolers, brake ducts, differentials and cabin air flow.  Emprise anemometers are used in wind tunnel testing but are robust and durable enough for track testing.  Contact Emprise to discuss how we can help with your application.

Production Vehicle Development

With ever increasing CAFE standards car makers are constantly looking for ways to improve fuel economy in their entire vehicle range.  Aerodynamics play a key role in improving fuel economy and proven method of reducing aerodynamic drag is to minimize the air taken on board for cooling.  Emprise anemometers have been used specifically for this since the mid 1980’s.  Engineers use multiple anemometers arranged in an array to measure the cooling air flow quantity and distribution across the radiator and condenser.  Emprise anemometers are also used for measuring air flow in other systems such as cabin ventilation, brake cooling and under vehicle flow.  Contact Emprise for a quote on a complete system to help you achieve your goals on your next vehicle development program.

Industrial and Manufacturing Applications

Emprise anemometers are a reliable solution for airflow measurement in many industrial and manufacturing tests or inspection applications.  Our anemometers can measure air flow in ducts, manifolds, heat exchangers or even open space.  Anywhere a traditional pipe mounted flow meter cannot be used.  We have over 30 years of experience supplying anemometer systems for special applications.