Anemometer Accessories Available

Emprise offers a wide range of anemometer accessories that allow you to customize your anemometer system to your specific application.

Duct adapters allow Emprise anemometers to be installed in a round duct. This can be used for measuring airflow in cooling and ventilation ducts such as brake cooling ducts on race cars.

Anemometer array kits allow Emprise anemometers to be assembled into grids for installation on vehicle radiators. The kit contains perforated stainless steel strips of varying lengths and metric fasteners to assemble a custom array to fit your radiator.

Custom length cables are available for connecting Emprise anemometers to a data acquisition system. Custom connectors can be specified on the output end.

Emprise offers Pelican® brand cases for shipping and storage of your anemometer system. The cases include custom foam cutouts for security and protection of your system.