Technical knowledge in test facility construction and integration

Construction Management

The Cost of a Test Facility is Directly Proportional to the Accuracy of the Test Simulation

The cost of a test facility is usually directly proportional to the accuracy of the test simulation. Emprise Corporation has a proven track record for increasing accuracy while keeping construction costs down. This principle applies to large manufacturers, smaller subcontractors and military projects.

Emprise has extensive experience designing test stands and test facilities for jet engines, automotive engines, aircraft components, power generation, alternative power, many other industrial applications. We can also develop custom test facilities, stands and benches for both hydraulic and pneumatic equipment.

Our award winning expertise in the custom design of highly complex environments results in construction that more closely mirrors the original design intent. This means rigorous design review, improved value engineering, accurate cost estimates, and streamlined construction process management. Emprise provides the experts to lead to the project, while bidding all major equipment and put-in-place construction.

Emprise will oversee each construction trade category, including Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP). Our experienced structural and civil engineers, building construction managers, and site superintendents have the industry knowledge and skill it takes to effectively manage your unique facility construction project.

From the initial stages of planning and design all the way through construction, Emprise never loses sight of what your test cell or integrated industrial facility needs to do when it’s complete. Our expertise through all phases of project delivery ensures that the final facility lives up to its intended design and purpose.

Our team is part of yours until the job is done.

Construction Phase Services

  • Initial Meeting
  • Review start-up forms and Manufacturer specific information
  • Detail equipment-specific testing procedures and documentation
  • Conduct periodic observation testing and progress
  • Complete static testing and equipment/systems start-up and submit documentation for review
  • Review contractors maintenance program

Acceptance Phase Services

  • Check start-up and balancing reports
  • Conduct functional performance testing with commissioning team
  • Compile all design, operation, and maintenance information
  • Facility and systems overview and operational training

Warranty Phase Services

  • Confirm Performance
  • Test and finalize documentation