Proper planning from the start helps ensure the best value for your capital investment

Facility Design Bid Packages

A Roadmap to Better Integrated Industrial Facilities

The Emprise Proof Design is the discovery process that takes the project from initiation to base line development, leading the way toward successful execution. Proper planning from the start helps ensure the best value for your capital investment.

Emprise has significant expertise in the specification, selection, and procurement of services and equipment required for complex test facilities. Our bidding process covers both long lead equipment and installation subcontractors, requesting participation by only qualified recommended vendors and local contractors, as appropriate. The bidding process allows us to control the large quantity of information that is being transferred between clients, vendors, and subcontractors.
In addition, we directly bid to only self-performing subcontractors. In our considerable experience, this method of procurement allows for better schedule and cost control and streamlines the purchasing process to become more owner directed. It also eliminates multi-tier subcontractor mark-ups. We also directly purchase a wide range of general construction materials and MEP equipment (for installation by trade subcontractors) on behalf of clients to allow for tax and subcontractor mark-up savings.

Bidding Process Control Services Include

  • Collaboration with clients to select vendors and subcontractors
  • Management of bid documentation, including printing of specifications and drawings, including addendum information
  • Answering vendor and subcontractor questions
  • Competitive bid comparison, including costs versus cost estimates
  • Reviewing a detailed bid analysis
  • Select contractors and issue contracts

Aligning Project Scope and Budget

Whether you’re renovating an existing test cell or building a completely new industrial facility or technical center, the Emprise Proof Design ensures that the project scope and budget are aligned prior to beginning construction.

Starting with the Proof Design and then developing the architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical solutions and corresponding drawings, we complete the specifcation and procurement process.

Results of the design process Include

  • Detailed Schedule
  • Construction Documents/Drawings
  • Delivery Price