Comprehensive consulting and engineering services to support the assessment, development, and implementation of test facility and test equipment projects

Project Management

Integrating technical and engineering expertise to support test development clients

We offer comprehensive consulting and engineering services to support the assessment, development, and implementation of test facility and test equipment projects.

Our objective is to take your project from inception through operation, effectively and efficiently. We also support clients in their evaluation of the feasibility of new technologies by assessing technology risks involved with project development, construction, and operation.

Emprise Corporation is an engineering consulting firm serving the automotive, aerospace, industrial and alternate power industries. Our interdisciplinary expertise in each of the individual fields of technology, systems integration, construction management, and integrated test facility design and delivery sets Emprise apart from other single-source engineering firms.

Emprise has earned an international, and award-winning reputation for developing and designing test facilities for a wide range of industrial needs. We apply innovative engineering techniques to create unique designs, then we fabricate, install and commission specialized test facilities. Whether working with data acquisition and control systems, test stand equipment or test cell support systems, Emprise uses a broad range of experience to create innovative engineering solutions.

Emprise has unparalleled history and design experience in the test development and test solution industry.This background gives us an invaluable perspective from which to support our clients' test equipment and test facility projects. We offer comprehensive services in project design, assessment, development, construction, and implementation. Our depth of experience allows us to effectively support developers, owners, investors, and contractors in the development and implementation of a wide range of high value technical projects.

Clients can rely on Emprise to manage every aspect of capital equipment projects on their behalf, assuming project management responsibility, and delivering the facility that meets their test requirements. From data management, systems engineering and software development, to power conditioning, cooling, and acoustical systems, Emprise ensures your commissioned test facility or technical center will perform at the highest level possible.

Project Management Consulting Services

We provide consulting reviews of all levels of project management planning and execution from detailed support for the project team to high-level oversight and project assessments for a project company's executive management.


  • Assessment of project management programs, processes, and procedures
  • Project work planning and controls
  • Budget development and cost performance assessment
  • Construction reviews
  • Overall assessment of project schedule and cost risks