Emprise Delivers New Fuel/Water Separator Test Stand

Emprise Corporation announced today that they have delivered the first unit of a new line of fuel/water separator test stands. This latest product marketed under the “Testand” brand is capable of performing SAE J1488, SAE J1839, and ISO 16332 test procedures. In a remarkable accomplishment, the new design performs these tests automatically and unattended. The key to this capability is a “patent pending” automatic sampling, sonication and titrating system of impressive accuracy and repeatability.

“After the test is setup, you can go to lunch and expect the complete report to be available when you return”, observed Emprise President Ron DuBose. “The customer is very happy with the functionality and performance of the system and considers it the “Taj Mahal” of their test lab”.

The first unit was placed in production service on March 1, 2012 following an exhaustive acceptance test program.

Emprise is looking forward to introducing this advanced product to the fuel/water separator arena. For more information about this revolutionary new filter test system please click here.