Rotary Flap Actuator Test Stands Torque Limiter Assembly Stands

Curtiss-Wright Flight Systems | Shelby, NC | 1997 Engineering Excellence State Award

737_test-stand.jpg#asset:383:urlEmprise has a long history of successful projects with Curtiss-Wright Flight Systems.

Boeing 737/757 Flap Actuator Transmission Test Stands

Design and Fabrication of two fully automatic production test stands. Each stand can test eight geometrically different 737 transmissions and two 757 transmissions. A semi-automatic mode is also available. Test parameters are stored in a database and may be changed by qualified engineers. Opto22 controller used with GUI on PC workstation.

Boeing 767 Torque Limiter Test Stands

Manually operated test stands with computer controlled data acquisition, report generation, and pass/fail analysis. Opto22 controller with GUI on PC workstation.