Rotary Flap Actuator Test Stands Torque Limiter Assembly Stands

Curtiss-Wright Flight Systems | Shelby, NC | 1997 Engineering Excellence State Award

Emprise has a long history of successful projects with Curtiss-Wright Flight Systems.

Boeing 737/757 Flap Actuator Transmission Test Stands

Design and Fabrication of two fully automatic production test stands. Each stand can test eight geometrically different 737 transmissions and two 757 transmissions. A semi-automatic mode is also available. Test parameters are stored in a database and may be changed by qualified engineers. Opto22 controller used with GUI on PC workstation.

Boeing 737/757/767 Torque Limiter Test Stands

Manually operated test stands with computer controlled data acquisition, report generation, and pass/fail analysis. Opto22 controller with GUI on PC workstation.