Test Stands

Test Stands

From rotary and linear actuators to pneumatic and hydraulic valves, pumps and motors, Emprise Corporation custom designs and fabricates test stands for numerous aircraft components. All we need to get started is a drawing or sample of the component to be tested along with information on the test procedure that will be used. Our staff of mechanical, electrical and aerospace engineers will do the rest.

If you do not have a specification or a complete test procedure, contact Emprise for information about our 35% Design Services!

Aerospace Test Stands

fa22Northstar Main TransmissionNordam Hydraulic Thrust United Jet Engine Starter
Parker Air SeparationBoeing Flap ActuatorNavy Jet Turbine StarterAllied Signal Fuel Cell
Pratt Whitney Jet Engine
Honeywell Turbo Generator

Automotive Test Stands

John Deere Main TransmissionRicardo Diesel EmissionsHarley Lube Oil
Harley Production

Airtex Fuel PumpHarley Development

Alternate Power Test Stands

Industrial Test Stands

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Many companies and engineers don't know where to start when planning to specify and engineer an engine test cell.That's why we've created what we feel is a comprehensive "check-list" to help you help us in quoting a potential project! Learn More


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